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Adventurous expats have caught the fantasy hair colour bug

In Buenos Aires young, trendy and stylish Porteños (men and women) and a bunch of adventurous expats have caught the fantasy hair colours bug.

Up north and across the Atlantic, fantasy colour hair fashions seems to wax and wane with the advent of each celebrity fantasy colour hairdo.


Colores de fantasía Buenos Aires


However, here in Buenos Aires young, trendy and stylish Porteños (men and women) and a bunch of adventurous expats have caught the fantasy hair colours bug.

Fantasy hair colours do NOT have to look insane or outlandish. Good fantasy colours that play to your personal anatomical colour strengths can rock and rule!


las tinturas de colores de fantasía


We love clients that want to be trendsetters. People who want us to get creative. Blending and merging exciting new hair colour combinations to create unique hair colour styles makes our professional lives interesting.

That’s what Sicodelica Hair Art is about.  Not my look.  Not just what’s in fashion. My role as Hair Art Director is to advise, sometimes temper, but always help our clients achieve something very personal and flattering. My job is to design haircuts and colours that state, ‘this is ME!’


color del cabello Recoleta sicodelica Hair Art


We have a group of girls and boys booked in for the coming spring that are going to create a ‘fantasy hair colour explosion’.  A colour sensation to celebrate the very important change of season.

Thinking about spring, I am wrestling with my conscience here, what’s more important: a new president that usually means more hardship or the sudden explosion of Jacaranda and Jasmin colours all over Buenos Aires.


las tinturas de colores de fantasía


Don’t you love it when the weather changes and those faceless, well-wrapped and hunched forms suddenly straighten up to become real people?  Our sun puts its hat back on, it smiles and Argentina smiles. To me, that transformation is one Argentina’s most endearing qualities.  I love the spring.

We burst out of hibernation into the parks, the streets and cafes – we are true sun worshippers. The conquistadors certainly lost that war – ancient pagan sun worshipping blood still seems to flow through the heart of Argentina. It is right there at the centre of our flag.


color de cabello buenos aires

Esmeralda te Queremos!


I want to clear up a few misconceptions about fantasy hair colours and respond to the blah-blah I read on Social Media.

More conservative hair colours wash out. All hair colour washes out. If you choose colours nearer to your natural hair colour, it is not so noticeable.


Estas cansada de tener siempre el mismos peinado para las fiestas de navidad y año nuevo


I choose the highest quality colour pigments to mix and match hair colour subject to my own experience to create unique colour variations that last three to four weeks.  It depends on how many times you wash your hair, what you wash your hair with and how porous your hair becomes after discolouration.

Many of us love a burst of fantasy hair colour. It sets us apart from the maddening crowd. Do we want that extreme hair colour for months and months? Of course not.

Here’s the good news.  All fantasy colour clients can come back into the salon for a two-week touch-up every Monday with our colour junior at a reduced price!

When you read rebukes on our social media pages from traditionalists and those boring nay-sayers who troll the Internet, remember, shrinking into the background is about as Argentine as eating dinner at 6’0’Clock, going to a nightclub before midnight or coming home before the sun graces our celeste sky.

Drop in any time for a free hair colour consultation – please book or be prepared for a wait, we run a very busy salon booked 14-days in advance so make your appointment in advance.  Please  do not book the day you are due to arrive in Buenos Aires.

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