Bobs, Chops, Lobs & Braids Summer 2015 Hair Fashions

What’s all the Fuss About Bobs, Chops, Lobs & Braids?  Summer 2015 Hair Fashions at Sicodelica Hair Art.  Buenos Aires Most Recommended English Speaking Hairdresser.

Unless you live in a bubble, you can´t have missed the many celebrity Bobs, Chops, Lobs and Braids.


I love summer hair fashion.  When it’s cold in Buenos Aires, I’m forever looking longingly at the red carpets and beach parties in the Northern Hemisphere.


I have many expat clients and tourists that demand hair cutting and hair colour techniques from Europe and the United States of America.  Generally, I see the same hairdressing repackaged, often with new and trendy names with a twist. I find it very helpful to maintain an awareness of the terminology used to describe what’s new and trendy in hair and makeup fashion.


In the past, I found keeping a watchful eye on summer hair and makeup fashion in California and the Côte d’Azur very helpful to determine where the Argentine market might go as the seasons change.  However, Argentines are changing.


Argentines have always been outward looking and deeply attached to their immigrant forefathers’ countries.  Hair and makeup trends always started somewhere else and tended to reach Argentina many months after they were vogue in other lands. Today it is exciting that hair and makeup professionals in Argentina more confident and innovative. Buenos Aires is a trendsetter in Latin America.  I hope that one day Buenos Aires rivals London, Milan, New York and Paris and that I can play a small part in building that awareness.


Albeit, it is always fun to look at what’s ‘hair-happening’ north of this sub-continent and across the chilly Atlantic Ocean. Today we are looking at haircuts and hairstyling trends in North America and Europe. Our focus is on Bobs, Chops, Lobs & Braids; summer 2015 Hair Fashion. Next week I will follow-up with hair colour and makeup trends:


Bobs, Chops & Lobs


Many celebs are going for shorter hair, but not last year’s pixie cut.  We are talking Bobs, Chops and Lobs. The Bob, Chop and Lob are hitting the red carpets on both sides of the Atlantic.


I am a real fan of the high-style classy bob, particularly with the darkest hair colour tones.  Cut straight around the neck, usually to jawline with either bangs or a solid fringe, it’s a style flattering to most face shapes and easy maintenance.


Talking about hairdressing repackaged, often with trendy new names with a twist – I know you are thinking – “Lob?”  Cut in a similar style to the Bob, the Lob leaves the hair slightly longer with the straight cut ends touching the collarbone.


This is good news – because you can have a Bob today, give it a month or two with a trim to tidy the ends and it’s a Lob tomorrow!


Both are uniform blunt cuts with no layers. If you want a timeless, classy and elegant looks that elongate the neck – think Bob or Lob.


The Chop – has a longer, softer and broken textured fringe with light interior layering down to a shoulder length baseline that we tease away rather than cut straight for a much softer line than the Bob or Lob.  I like this cut, it has all the benefits of Bob and Lob, but it’s not going to take an age to grow out.


If you have thin or damaged hair, particularly at the ends, these styles cut away frizzy damage and make your hair appear thicker. There’s also some versatility with braided, curly, textured or tousled looks. We all know the wonderful Bobs from yesteryear. Iconic women such as Louise Brooks and Liz Taylor’s Cleopatra always stick in my mind, hence my love of the darker Bob.


Louise Brooks Bob

Louise Brooks Bob



Bobs Chops Lobs Braids

Liz Taylor Bobs & Braids



The Bob came back when sexy Uma Thurma took to the dancefloor with sixties flair in Pulp Fiction.


Bobs Uma Thurma

Bobs Uma Thurma


Today, we have a range of Bobs, Chops and Lobs from celebs such as Jennifer Aniston, Jordon Dunn and one of my real favourites, the classy and versatile actor Anne Hathaway.



Bob Jennifer Aniston




Hathaway Soft & Wavy Bob


Braids make a comeback, but did they ever leave?


Braids are no longer old fashioned. Braids are making a comeback in some exciting short and longer hairstyles.  I have always loved braids.  My beautiful daughter, Agata Camila, thinks me the braids monster!


I have selected a few modern braided styles from 2015 that demonstrate that braids are for every day, not just important birthdays or weddings.


Braids for Everyday  2015

Braids for Everyday




Emma Stone Braids


Before I move on to hair colour and makeup trends, I want to give some suggestions about ´´shall I or shan’t I cut my hair short´´ and provide a quick and cost-effective solution to going back to longer hair in a jiffy.

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