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Change your image with professional Hair & Makeup Design

Change your look with a professional

Hair & Makeup Design Buenos Aires

Changing your look can be therapeutic, a new YOU might be just what the doctor ordered!

Just as winter was coming to a close, I was feeling a little low. The cold and wet days had taken their toll.  God may have created us all equal, but ‘’Argentinas’’ are not created to endure long cold and wet winters.

Winter seems to suck the life and soul out of Buenos Aires.

Out of the blue came a ‘’hot date’’ and I was not feeling my best.  I had a cold and felt terrible.

What should I do?

To go or not to go; that was the question.

I gave the matter some thought and called my Estilista (hairdresser and makeup artist) Javier Aranda.

For years, Javier has looked after my hair and makeup.  First in Belgrano and now he sees clients at his private hair salon in Recoleta.

What can I say about Javier?  He is a true professional and once you find him, you will never leave him.

‘’Help!” I cried.

I explained my dilemma and it just so happened he had a space on the following Saturday, late afternoon, just before my date.

I have changed my look with Javier many times.  I like to change my hair color and hairstyle at least a couple of times each year.

When I arrived at the salon I was ready for radical change of hair length, hair color and hairstyle.  I still felt dull, colorless, full of cold and with my cold had come a cold sore – don’t you just hate those damn things.

I had not been out on a date that I was so looking forward to in quite a while.

And, I felt like shit.

Javier convinced me to retain my length, to go for a moderate change of color, a light hair straightening and Keratin treatment and makeup to go.

I was cutting it fine. I had travelled from Quilmes to Recoleta to see Javier and my date was picking me up at ten – I had just five hours!!!!!

Javier has lots of clients and some very well-known ones too – I have met them at parties.

His problem is that nobody really wants their before and after photographs splashed across his website.

However, on this particular day I needed to look and feel better – I needed a little bit of TLC.

I got exactly what the doctor couldn’t give me.

A new look and the full confidence that I was looking good for my date.

I always take photos to enable me to remember certain periods in my life and my ‘’look’’.

Every time I change my image, I keep a photographic record and I think my hair and makeup transformation session with Javier Aranda speaks for itself, take look:

As you can see, this is definitely before.  I had been really unwell and my trip to the hair salon was the most energetic I’d been in seven days.


When it’s cold and wet, I spend less time at the salon, not sure if that’s generally a ”girl-thing” or not.

I like going to see Javier, he operates a private salon within his very nice apartment right on Avenida Santa Fe.  It’s on the 22nd floor with great views of Buenos Aires’ skyline. You will be his only client and get his undivided attention with no distractions – that alone always makes me feel special.


Change your look with a professional

Hair & Makeup Design Buenos Aires

Javier Aranda

Hair Art Director

011 4824-5570




Arenales 2066 between Junín and Ayacucho, Recoleta.

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