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Confused? OMBRE, MELTING hair coloring techniques

I thought it prudent to explain something that confuses clients and talk a little about my advice on fashion hair coloring techniques most requested at Sicodelica Hair Art.

Firstly, many clients ask me, ‘’are roots still in?’’ I love roots. Roots are still vogue in Argentina and up north, besides they keep your hair color costs down, so if you are on a tight budget, roots are definitely in.


Ombre is simply darker roots and lighter light ends.

When I am teaching this color technique, one of my most important rules is that hair color, even fantasy color extremes, must always look ‘’natural’’. I know that statement sounds like an oxymoron.

Our natural hair is never one color. Hair is darker at the scalp and environmental factors bleach lighter shades at the front and ends of the hair.

Ombre Hair Coloring teases the hair from the scalp from two to ten centimeters. We have a tried and tested process for teasing hair to ensure we avoid the horrible clear color lines you often see in Argentina when the hair is flat. However, some people come to the salon with images of local celebrities that have a line with no color diffusion – it is not the job that I like to do, but when in Buenos Aires!

Let us have a look at Drew Barrymore’s famous celebrity Ombre in all their reincarnations

sicodelica hair art ombre hair color

Melting Hair Coloring Techniques

When asked to advise clients on a hair coloring technique that offers a natural look I always opt for what I call Color Melting. I much prefer Color Melting to Ombre. I tend to melt lighter to darker colors through the front of the hair and at the sides and I divide the hair in each foil or paper with a darker base nearest to the roots and bleach or highlift lighter colors to the ends, I melt the colors with a glaze to both diffuse and lock in the colors so you cannot see where one color starts and another finishes. The most important part of this technique is experience, without technical color experience it can all go horribly wrong, it is important to move from dominate dark to dominant light thus avoiding the Ombre line.

Let us have a look at Jessica Parker’s famous celebrity Melting Colors in all their reincarnations

sicodelica hair art melting color de pelo

My next article will explore hair-coloring trends among the glitterati – I tend to look to London, New York and Paris for what is trending because Argentina is always a few months behind.

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