fibreplex recoleta buenos aires

Does Fibreplex work for colour correction & damaged hair?

Does Fibreplex work?

Colour correction & damaged hair repair results

This week we invited three models to attend Sicodelica Hair Art to trial Fibreplex.  Our colour assistants got the chance to demonstrate what they have learnt under Hair Art Director and one of Buenos Aires leading stylist Javier Aranda.

Check out the damage mid-length to ends:

fibreplex recoleta buenos aires

#Fibreplex #Sicodelica

sicodelica fibreplex buenos aires

Only fully trained colorists join Sicodelica Hair Art.  However, everyone starts on our sales/reception desk so that they learn to respect the work undertaken by our tip-top administration team.  They then assist Javier and Yohn for up to six months. Earning a place on the front-line demands dedication and practice.  Our business has grown slowly to ensure our hairdressers are some of the best trained in Buenos Aires.

Normally, you would not touch the mid part of this hair and ends with bleach – BUT – check out the #FibreplexEffect!

#Fibreplex #Sicodelica #DamagedHair 5

As you can see, we are bold and we are brave!  Or, maybe we just have a little more experience dealing with colour correction and chemically damaged hair.

La decoloración con #Fibreplex #Sicodelica

When looking at this work there’re two things to consider. The hair was badly damaged.  The work was undertaken by one of our trainees, a fully trained colorist in most salons, but not quite ready for the front line at Sicodelica Hair Art.

#Fibreplex #Sicodelica #DamagedHair Despues

#Fibreplex #Sicodelica #DamagedHair Despues

#Sicodelica #DamagedHair

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