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FIBREPLEX‬ TECHNOLOGY available ‎Sicodelica‬ Hair Art

‪#‎FIBREPLEX‬ TECHNOLOGY available 17 May ‪#‎Sicodelica‬ Hair Art.

FIBREPLEX protects against damage from lightening, lifting and colouring.

High-performing Fibre Bond 4.5 Technology interlinks with the hair fibres to enforce and seal strong structural bonds and minimise hair breakage during lightening, lifting and colouring. Thanks to the Fibre Bond 4.5 Technology the system creates new bonds and balances the pH level to lock in colour pigments and ensure superior hair quality, long-lasting colour brilliance and shine.

fiberplex sicodelica hair art

LA TECNOLOGÍA ‪#‎FIBREPLEX‬ disponible en 17 Mayo ‪#‎Sicodelica‬

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