‘Grow’ Hair Fast- Short to Long Hair in a Jiffy

In my last article on shorter hair trends – Bobs, Lobs, Chops & Braids – I promised some advice on going from long to short hair and how to ‘grow’ hair fast! Short to long hair in a jiffy.


Hair Extensions – Hairstyle Trends


Shorter summer hairstyles mean my clients often want longer hair when the seasons change. Which means more requests for hair extensions during Buenos Aires autumn and winter.


In my last hairstyle trends article, I described the Bob, Chop and Lob.  Shorter summer hairstyles hitting the red carpets in the Northern Hemisphere.


When the weather warms up Sicodelica Hair Art Hairdresser Buenos Aires expect a mini rush for shorter hairstyles.  Although probably not in the huge numbers seen further north on this continent because Argentine women are very protective of their longer hair.


Up north, celebrities who had recently gone for shorter hairstyles during spring and summer are already wearing long hair extensions and they look fantastic.


I read yesterday, “Vanessa Hudgens just got hair extensions”.  The first thing I thought – who is Vanessa Hudgens?   It took me a while.  She is a Disney starlet who had a fling with Zac Efron, then became a singer and now acts.  Thank you, Wikipedia!



Vanessa Hudgens Textured Bob


Vanessa Hudgens kind of proves my point. The image above shows beautiful Vanessa with a textured Bob style haircut and below, we see how long hair extensions transform her look just a few weeks later. Vanessa seems to ‘grow’ hair fast! Short to long hair in a jiffy!


hair extensions

Vanessa Hudgens Hair Extensions


Argentines who chop off their long hair often come back for hair extensions later in the year.  I want to give you some good advice and save your hard cash.


To get Vanessa Hudgens hair extensions with a natural looking strand-by-strand process, using either glue or micro-loops, you need 175-200 hair extensions.  Natural virgin hair extensions are very expensive in Argentina.


Quick point: Virgin hair means untreated hair.  I recently received an email asking me why a virgin’s hair is more expensive!  It was NOT a joke!  Poor lad.


You may wonder why buying hair is more expensive in Argentina when compared to other countries. 


Visitors and expats often think hair extensions are cheaper in Argentina.  They are cheaper for visitors and expats using the black market to exchange their Dollars, Euros and Pounds for Pesos.  However, quality hair extensions are not cheap when compared to our very reasonable fees for hairdressing services.


Hair is VERY expensive in Argentina when compared to our economy and earnings because women with the longest hairstyles rarely go short. Those that do go for short hairstyles often have treated hair.  I will not use treated hair.  I only buy the highest quality virgin hair.  Supply and demand make natural virgin hair very expensive in Argentina.


If you are not the young man who asked me why I need a virgin’s hair to make hair extensions you are probably thinking why not import cheaper hair.  Ha!  We have a government that has done its best to stop non-essential imports to protect our countries dollar current account (reserves).


Most Argentines are not globetrotting politicians who spend our money in couture shops abroad (most couture brands left our land because of import restrictions) or get to meet the Pope. Most Argentines have to rely on lesser local brands, generally poor quality and expensive.


This is not a political blog, but I think it very important that Argentines put their fear of government aside to tell politicians how their bad management adversely affects our businesses and personal lives.  Even a local hairdresser cannot import what he needs to provide clients with the best possible products available at a reasonable price.


Back to hair extensions: If you decide to go for shorter hairstyle trends, if possible, I will cut your hair free and pay you for your weight in hair, or, I can save your hair (wise move) by turning your tousled locks into hair extensions ready for when you feel like a longer hairstyle.


The day you look in the mirror and wish your hair long again, your wish is my command!


‘Growing’ Hair Fast! Short to Long Hair in a Jiffy takes just four hours with natural looking strand-by-strand hair extensions at Sicodelica Hair Art, Buenos Aires most recommended English-speaking hairdresser.

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