Hair Colour Trends 2015

Earlier in the year, it was hard to determine hair colour trends that would characterise 2015 because there were too many front-runners.


Just past this year’s halfway mark Bronde is the new Blonde…


Most clients choose Sicodelica Hair Art Hairdresser Buenos Aires because they know we create natural looking hair colour treatments.


This year, Bronde is the new blonde.  Bronde offers a range hair colours somewhere between blonde and brunette. It’s not blonde and it’s not brunette. Bronde bridges that gap with exciting colours that thankfully give last years bleached blonde hair (often exhausted by discolouration) some time to rest.



Bronde is the new blonde

Bronde is the New Blonde



Last year’s light to medium caramel blondes, meant hairdressers had to discolour hair more than any hairdresser would like.  Progressive discoloration takes its toll on hair and causes some minor damage. You cannot discolour hair without some minor damage.



Bronde Hair Colour Trends

Bronde Hair Colour Trends



I always ask people to have a hair treatment after discolouration and then weekly two weeks in advance of their next discoloration. My aim is to ensure the hair is in good condition. Treatments preserve gloss, shine and body. What’s the use of having beautiful colours if your hair does not look healthy?


If you have been blonde for a while, going for bronde hair colours during 2015 with a darker base colour will help give your hair time to recover.  In addition, for the darkest women it means less discolouration and healthier hair.



Bronde Hair 2015

Bronde Hair 2015



I like bronde colours because we have a vast range of darker base colour combinations we can advise to compliment every skin and eye colour. To stop it seeming flat, we add one or a range of lighter bronde shades to frame your face and provide some movement and texture in the hair.


To get Bronde is not an exact technique and the colours we choose will depend on your natural colours, but generally there are three steps.



Bronde 2015 Buenos Aires

Bronde 2015



First we use a permanent or semi-permanent professional colour, there is a fine range of colours from Loreal. We start at your roots with a rich brunette, then fade out with a lighter colour as we work our way down the lengths of your hair. A rich dark colour to lighter colour ranges helps create a soft, natural gradation between the roots and ends.


If you already have blonde hair and we are going darker from roots to ends we’ll add darker to lighter bronde colours to achieve the same effect.


We then tease hair strands with bleach to highlight hair around your face for an ‘eye-popping’ finish. The hair we bayalage or highlight is expertly placed for subtle blonde strands of colour running throughout the hair.


Finally,  we finish with a toner. Toning is important as it helps leave hair feeling conditioned and gives you the exact colour you’re after.


Given the range of colour mixes, you’ll leave Sicodelica Hair Art Colour Studio with something that is bespoke.  We can help you find your colour.


One-dimensional single hair colours…



hair colour trends 2015

Single Process Hair Colour



One-dimensional single hair colour treatments in a range of caramel blondes, brunettes and reds, with or without some subtle highlights to the front of the head or conservative balayage were front-runners by far at the start of the year. I’m in love with riveting redheads.  Although red hair no longer seems like the new blonde later in 2015.


Bigger hair with strong ribbons of highlighted hair is back…


Do you remember Cindy Crawford’s big hair of the early 90s?  It ranged from lighter browns to darker blonde base colours with very strong ribbons of highlighted hair, particularly in the front.



Cindy Crawford Hair Colour

Cindy Crawford



Ombre and balayage are still knocking around, but larger swathes of highlighted hair are definitely making a comeback. It does not look quite so natural but is likely to be high-fashion right into the New Year. However, it is not necessary to dry your hair with your head upside down, bunch or back-comb – not yet!


Having said that, I’m dusting off my oversized rollers and revisiting brushing with natural bristles and hanging hairbrushes because bigger curls that hold their shape for hours may roll across the Rio del la Plata into Buenos Aires sometime very soon.


Don’t forget the fantasy highlights and ends…


Clinica del Color de Pelo



Argentines know how tough it is to obtain products from abroad.  I’m trying to get my hands on permanent fantasy colours appearing in Europe and the USA.  I’m also trialling a new range of fantasy colours by Framesi with my fantasy hair colour clients.  Look at these exciting new colours that we recently introduced at Sicodelica Hair Art, Hairdresser Buenos Aires.  Remember these are new colours and only time will tell if they stand the test of time. However, they cannot be any worse than local fantasy colour brands.


Fantasy Hair Colours Buenos Aires

Fantasy Hair Colours


The good news is that with some trial and error, not always adhering to instructions, we’ve managed to maintain good levels of colour in hair for up to 4-weeks!  In addition, for new colours we have no problem providing a touch-up service. Those of you that love the fantasy colour look will already know about the disappointing local pigments. They do not have staying power.


I base my articles on questions asked by my clients day-after-day. If you have questions or any doubts, please write your comments below and I’ll do my best to answer you in a timely fashion.


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