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Hair Extensions

Q.           Hair extensions – asking the right questions

A.            Hair extensions – getting the right answers

There are many ways to attach natural and synthetic hair to your own naturally growing hair. The term used to describe those hair attachments is Hair Extensions.

There are different ways to prepare hair extensions.

There are differences in the techniques used to attach hair extensions to your hair.

There are many different qualities of natural hair and indeed, some studios may use synthetic hair.

Some hair extension systems only differ by material and others, just by name.

Other techniques use glue or chemical bonding to attach extensions to your natural hair.

Glue and bonding methods are least desirable because they involve coating your own natural hair with a chemicals or foreign substance. Some glues can be harmful to your hair or skin, others are safe. Glues and bonds can damage natural hair and cause allergies.

Choosing the type of hair extension and the type of hair extensions best for your hair is best done with a professional.


Hair extensions will not last forever, sometimes because the attachment breaks, but mainly because your own hair grows the extensions out of their concealed positions near to the the scalp.

Often extensions connected to your natural hair will loosen as your hair grows.

What are the most important things to consider if shopping for hair extensions, should I go with natural hair and how long will extensions last?

Seven factors you must consider when shopping for hair extensions:

  1. Quality of hair
  2. Quality of extensions
  3. Quality of technician
  4. Quality of attachment
  5. How fast your hair grows
  6. Taking care of your extensions
  7. Regulation of extensions


Q & A Hair Extensions 

Q.   Hair extensions – asking the right questions

A.    Hair extensions – getting the right answers

Q.     What sort of hair is used at Javier Aranda Hair & Makeup Design for hair extensions?

A.      I buy the highest quality hair that matches my client hair after meeting my clients for a free consultation. The hairs I choose will not colored treated (so if you are a blond you will get hair that’s not color treated and is an exact match – natural blonde hair is the most expensive and the longer the hair the more expensive the hair) and is an ethnic match to my client.  The hair extensions that I attach at my studio will last for up to six months or longer depending on how you care for your hair extensions.

 Q.     How can I be sure to get the best quality of hair extensions Javier Aranda Hair & Makeup Design?

A.      I carefully select the highest quality hair and hand make extensions once I have seen the type and texture of my client’s hair to ensure the perfect look.  My extensions last for up to six months.  However, I have clients who return to me over two years later with the extensions I used on their hair and then we use the same hair to make more extensions.

Q.     How can I be sure that the technician will achieve a quality natural look?

A.      I have trained for many years and gained significant experience for nearly ten years. Hundreds of women and men have used my services and I guarantee total satisfaction if you follow my instructions and we use the right number of extensions for a natural look.  You will find satisfied clients writing about my services on many different websites. My clients have come from every continent on planet earth.

Q.  What sort of hair extension attachment would you recommend?

A.    The only way to choose an attachment process is to see a client, look at their hair and fully understand their goals.  Clients are always different and so is their hair. Come along to Javier Aranda Hair & Makeup Design for a coffee and a chat (no charge) and we can choose an attachment system that best suits your hair and your goals.

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