Hair Extensions Systems Buenos Aires – Get the Facts

If you are considering attaching hair extensions to your natural hair, first get the facts.

Get the facts on hair extensions, Javier Aranda states

Javier Aranda Extensiones de Cabello

Javier Aranda Extensiones de Cabello

I like to ensure my clients make an informed choice about what attachment system is best for them.


I have over ten years’ experience using all the hair extension techniques available in Buenos Aires.


I used heat bonding and glue systems for years in salons.


Salons like those attachment methods because they are quick and easy to use (very important in a busy hair salon).


The best glues and bonds are both easier to work with than almost all other methods and ‘’secret’’ the attachment to the natural hair very well. In the shorter term, bonds and glues can appear to give the best look.


However, clients were never happy when it came time to regulate their hair extensions. As the natural hair grows out the extensions were less pleasing to the eye. The extensions are fixed permanently (bonded or glued) to the natural hair. They tangle easily and are more difficult to manage when the hair grows.


Clients being clients and cost conscious were prone to waiting far too long for a ‘’regulation visit’’ and often damaged their natural hair and their hair extensions too. Often, I found it necessary to add to their hair extensions at extra cost to replace those damaged.


The hair extensions that came ready-made with most salon-ready-hair- extension-systems used throughout the industry to save time were always poorer quality and did not stand the test of time.


In addition, the glued and bonded extensions required heat or a solvent to remove the attachment causing some natural hair damage in the hands of less experienced technicians; many salons train junior staff to remove extensions (not a good idea) it is just the nature of the beast.


When I set up my Natural Hair Extensions Studio in Buenos Aires, I decided against using glues, heat-bonds and solvents on my clients’ hair unless they were 100% sure that a glue or bond was their preferred hair attachment choice.


I also decided not to use the ready-made hair extensions that you buy from various suppliers because I found both the hair and the extension were poorer quality.


I designed my own hair extension system where I hand-make my extensions to attach an easily secreted MICRO-LOOP to the natural hair.


I mentioned above that glues and bonding gave the most pleasing look in the shorter term. That is because the other hair attachment methods are mechanical and the attachment has weight and is sometimes noticeable.


My method uses a tiny MICRO-LOOP that is a lightweight and durable material with a silicon inner-band to protect the natural hair – I make my own extensions and they come with a guarantee – minimum six months.


My own method developed over the last ten years is just as pleasing to the eye as glues or bonds, with no hair damage whatsoever. Regulation is very simple and easy about every 90-days – NO permanent heat bonds, NO permanent glues and NO solvents or heat necessary to remove the extensions.


Hair Extensions Buenos Aires – Get the Facts


  • If you attach anything permanent that is heat bonded, glued or taped with adhesives or braided and sown in, an unnatural structure attaches to your natural hair that may cause damage when you care (wash or brush) for your hair, or let’s face it, just life – gym, bed and living all put mechanical strain on the hair. In addition, many hair-safe heat bonding or adhesive systems perish over time and extensions lose hair or completely detach.
  • The only systems that create that truly natural look are created for you and require a consultation where an expert hair extension professional ‘’extensionista’’ will select the only the highest-grade, quality natural hair and hand make extensions to compliment your own natural hair type and colour. Using strand-by-strand techniques means the hair extensions are lightweight and match your own hair to create that natural flowing look.
  • Only strand-by-strand systems truly provide a natural look that allow clients to shake their head and flick their hair back with confidence in the medium to long terms.
  • If hair extensions are pre-manufactured, most are poorer quality. The highest quality hair extensions are those that an extensionista hand-makes and therefore guarantees their work. It is more expensive, but it is like trying to compare high-street-copy-fashion with couture.
  • Choosing only the highest-grade natural hair, hand-making extensions using the highest quality system/products combined with a great deal of experience will ensure hair extensions are both durable and economical in the medium and long term. You cannot offer a guarantee when selling other people”s work.
  • If you want your hair extensions to last for up to a year, it is worth paying for the best possible service – it saves you a small fortune in the end and is a much wiser investment.


I use MICRO LOOP STRAND-BY-STRAND TECHNOLOGY because it ticks all the boxes – being the safest, natural looking and most economical of the all hair extension systems.


I designed my own MICRO-LOOP STRAND-BY-STRAND hair extension system because the product ranges in Argentina tended to be poorer quality. My hair extensions use the highest-grade, natural virgin hair and are handmade using a very particular method that prevents hair loss and increases durability.


I guarantee my hair extensions for a minimum of six months and my clients come back to me years later to use their extensions again.


In the medium to long term, MICRO LOOP STRAND-BY-STRAND is the most economical hair extension system that is natural looking and easily managed.


Javier Aranda”s Hair Extensions System Buenos Aires benefit from ten years experience and all clients receive a written guarantee


Hair Extensions Systems Buenos Aires – Get the Facts

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Hair Art Director


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