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Javier Aranda Hair & Makeup Design Reviews

Some of the many Javier Aranda Hair client reviews that we recently picked up from the Internet.

Personal views posted by Javier Aranda clients from all over the world. They have but one opinion, be they from London, New York or Paris - Javier is the real deal - satisfaction guaranteed. Well now, there's a cast iron guarantee and the simplest terms and conditions!

At Javier Aranda Hair & Makeup Design Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Treat yourself to a good hair day!

  • I have a fabulous stylist named Javier Aranda. He is adorable and does a 5-star job. His prices are very good and he comes to your house or hotel room. See his site here:
    He is kind and a very good listener. He works with private clients as well as model agencies in Buenos Aires. Juana.

  • I was looking for somewhere to post about Javier and note that he already has some fans – he is a really good stylist and I would recommend him to anyone you can find him at Estilista Buenos Aires do hope that I spell that right. he speaks English and is located in Recoleta although he will visit.

  • We (my girl friend and I) recently used Javier Aranda hair – his website is found at – well this guy is absolutely fantastic, we both had our hair colored and then cut and Sam had some extensions he is just superb and I wish we had done some before and after shots because we are dead ‘gorge’ ahora!

  • I was referred to Javier Aranda Hair and must say that he is truly fantastic – I am never satisfied with cuts or colour and used this guy three times now and my hair looks amazing, I just did a search to link his site and found that it was down

    his number is 1563605935.

  • Many of our clients contact my staff for recommendations on who provides the best hairdressing service for international clients in Buenos Aires. One of the most important factors is does the hair stylist or estilista (hair & makeup professional) speak English. After a bit of research and some hair disasters amongst my team, most people I speak to swear by the services offered by Javier Aranda hair.

  • Hey there! I am about to rave – I had a consultation with Javier Aranda – and we then used him for a party last weekend, me and a few girlfriends, they do all the models him and cesarario, thats not right but its something like that – my god we looked so good, never, I say never have I been to a salon and really been happy. I have got lots of good info on this forum and never posted before as I have never really been impressed by the professionals in the country until now. It was cheap too, well cheaper than the 100s of greenies I spend at home for no satisfaction. Finally something to rave about whilst stuck here with my husband.

  • I’m not sure where to buy products but if you are in Buenos Aires and you want a makeup and/or hair styling that you consult this website:

    The stylist is Javier Aranda and he is a doll. Very professional with class and taste. He will come to your hotel or home for a good price. This is a true BA gem.

  • Does anyone know of a place where I can get extensions that are real hair and are nicely done? I live in Palermo, and would like to go somewhere close? I also would like a good colorist, I have platinum blonde hair. Thanks!

    I just saw this request. By far the best hairdresser thats services the expatriate community is Javier Aranda, every girl you see and say, wow your hair is great tells you they use Javier. Just an observation. I have seen him advertised as Javier Aranda hair and Make Up but I do not have his web address.

  • I just had the best haircut of my life! I have a long face and long pretty hair but it was dull and straight and parted down the middle. I dont like to spend a lot of money but I knew I had to change something because even my boyfriend said my hair looked sad! My friend recommended a hair stylist named Javier Aranda, he is from Buenos Aires and works with international models and everyday people. He came to my house and was very kind and professional. I usually cry when I get my hair cut but this was the first time I didnt even shed a tear. He cut my hair like the woman in the new Bond movie with bangs and all and I love it! I feel so young and professional at the same time and Ive had so many compliments…I recommend him 100%. His website is
    and his email is

  • I sent him an email and we have planned a session with him! He also said we will do a style consultation before cut and if she wants, my granddaughter can get a makeup consultation as well!

Javier Aranda is woman´s hair and makeup design perfection, a unique beauty experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home or at our private salon in upscale Recoleta Buenos Aires.

Javier Aranda combines true artistry, styling, colour, and technical expertise with an exceptional ability to capture essence and accentuate

  • Long & Short Hair Cutting

  • Mature and Dignified Styling

  • Vogue & Catwalk Designs

  • Heat Styling & Brushes

  • Safe Hair Color Techniques

  • Natural Hair Extensions & Weaves

  • Safe Hair Straightening

  • Expert Makeup Artistry

Contact us now for a free 15-minute Javier Aranda salon consultation.

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