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Hairdresser Buenos Aires

Most women feel a certain amount of trepidation when getting their hair cut, particularly when trying a new hair stylist.

That fear is sometimes compounded if you are travelling or living abroad and do not speak the local language.

Fear not ladies!

Javier Aranda, one of Buenos Aires’ leading estilistas, speaks fluent English and boasts the largest expat client list in Capital Federal.

Some women find themselves stuck in a rut with their hair, wanting a new haircut or hairstyle, but not sure what style will suit both their face and lifestyles.

At Javier Aranda Hair and Makeup Design Buenos Aires, we can help you reach the right hair cutting and styling decisions for an exciting new look for 2013.

Why not come in for a makeover and explore hair styles and makeup artistry for the new you 2013.

Part of every Javier Aranda Makeover is a ”makeup workshop” to give you lots of professional tips and the confidence to experiment during the New Year – and, we take photos for your own records.

If you’re longing for a new haircut and hairstyle in Buenos Aires, but nothing too extreme, Javier Aranda advises client to choose from just five women’s haircuts that are flattering to the majority:

Flattering women’s haircuts for 2013 Buenos Aires

  • Bob

  • Pixie

  • Long hair with bangs

  • Long layered

For more information contact Javier Aranda

Javier Aranda

Hair Art Director

011 4824-5570




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