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Hair and Makeup Perfection Buenos Aires

Javier Aranda is women’s hair and make-up design perfection.

A unique beauty experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home or at our private salon in the heart of upscale Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

Javier Aranda hair cutting – short hair and long hair skills – from the classic to vogue, have transformed women’s hair design into an uplifting and inspirational experience for his many clients.

Javier combines true artistry, styling, colour, and technical expertise with an exceptional gift that captures your very essence and accentuates beauty.

A detailed Javier Aranda consultation in the privacy of your home or at our private salon ensures hair and makeup design perfection for those ‘special every-days.’

A Javier Aranda Hair consultation is about bonding with his clients to transform their feelings into the look they always wanted.

From the latest catwalk designs to mature and dignified styling, Javier specialises in bringing Paris, New York and London’s modern cutting, styling and colour techniques, with advanced product lines that care for your hair and beauty.

Contact us now for a free 15-minute Javier Aranda salon consultation.

Hair Color Clinic Buenos Aires

Natural Hair Extensions Buenos Aires

Javier Aranda Make Artistry

Events, Weddings, Birthdays, Film & Fashion

Javier Aranda

Hair Art Director

011 4824-5570




Arenales 2066 between Junín and Ayacucho, Recoleta.

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  1. roxana la gorda amiga de mau
    Jan 13, 2011 - 11:59 AM

    te dejo el num de mi amiga q se quiere hacer un alisado esta semana y te llama a tu cel pero esta apagado es daiana la morocha q se fue con el hermano de mau, te acordas? bueno te dejo besos

  2. maria elena saraco
    Apr 18, 2011 - 08:42 PM

    hola javier!!te felicito por la pagina recien la veo y te deceo lo mejor en tu profesion,si bien no te conosco mucho,se que sos una muy buena persona,se ve a simple vista ,y en cuanto pueda ir me hago el alisado definitivo que me ofrecistes junto a mi hija melina,desde ya gracias…y sin duda creo que tenes un futuro maravilloso por delante ,veo con que amor tratas a las personas y a tu profesion,saludos…

  3. Mireille Monette
    Jul 15, 2011 - 04:15 PM

    Hola! Quetal?

    I would like to know how much it is approx. for a haircut (longhair) and a treatement for dammaged hair.

    Thank you very much!!


  4. Myriam Clancy
    Nov 29, 2011 - 04:14 PM

    I am currently on holidays in Recoleta and need my hair done! It’s extremely thick, frizzy & quite long. I’d like to get cut/ highlights and lowlights. Could you please provide me with a price? Preferably on December 5th if possible but I’m flexible time wise.



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