icy platinum hair comeback

Icy platinum blonde hair makes a comeback

If you cast your gaze north and across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, summer is fast approaching but the outlook for hair color is icy cold, platinum blonde.

Platinum hair colours are making a big comeback and I think I know why.


Icy Blonde Platinum Hair


Argentine men and women who love their hair blonde already know how much hair can suffer from continuous cycles of discoloration and toning.


Icy white hair


Argentine hair is generally dark. The discolouration process is long and sadly, (it seems) many professionals fail to lift natural pigments without causing unsightly hair damage (that’s according to my clients).  Although, you can never be 100% sure that clients didn’t reach for a ‘sacrilegious box of DIY hair bleaching disaster’ at their local pharmacy.


Platinum Hair Sicodelica


In the past, when clients could afford multiple treatments and a gradual approach to hair discolouration, I would take my clients to platinum blonde in two or even three discoloration sessions – I still recommend this approach – if you can afford it.  Even modern oxidants and the ‘packaged blonde processes’ from L’Oréal and Schwarzkopf struggle with the thickest and darkest Argentine locks.


peluqueria recoleta


I provided weekly treatments in between discolorations to protect the hair and avoid the often seen ‘blonde-damaged-ends-look’.  It was expensive, but my clients’ hair always had a quality look about it with no visible damage.  In addition, there’s little doubt that a gradual discoloration process achieved better end color results and color stability.

Those of you that love blond hair will know that even when bleached hair looks good, lifting the darkest pigments to achieve icy platinum blond colours means hair often requires a regular touch-up-toning in between bleaching out dark roots – staying blonde is not cheap.  Please remember it’s the same for fantasy colours.  If you lift natural hair pigments from the darkest brown to blonde, the hair will become more porous – anybody who tells anything different is wrong.

When I opened a salon on the street, not all my client were wealthy.  Coming in three times for progressive discoloration was not an option.  My team and I worked to devise discolouration processes in one marathon session (sometimes four to five hours) that did not damage the hair and/or the end colour result.  If you check out our Instagram and Facebook pages, you can judge the results for yourself.  You might also be interested to read over 300 reviews that describe our service performance – note we have 267 FIVE STAR REVIEWS on Facebook in June 2016.

So why are more and more people taking their hair to icy cold platinum tones?  It sounds like an expensive hassle that often leaves the hair damaged.  The answer is new products like Fibreplex and Olaplex. Both products are available at Sicodelica Hair Art.   These exciting new products protect the hair from damage during the discolouration process leaving you with good quality hair, reduced visible hair damage and better colour results – that’s been our experience.

Look at images below taken during a colour assistant training day in May.  The images below show badly damaged hair.  Note that the before images show the hair up and being prepared for bleaching. The after images show the same hair down – we did not use hair extensions.


fibreplex recoleta buenos aires

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#Sicodelica #DamagedHair


If you are interested in going blonde or icy platinum white without hair damage, share this article with the hashtag #VamosRubiaSicodelica or #VamosIcySicodelica for a free 15-minute assessment to discuss your options.  I will assess your hair and explain the process and costs while we take a coffee.

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Javier Aranda – Hair Art Director


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