Javier Aranda Opens a new hair salon in upscale Recoleta

javier aranda new hair salon recoleta

Javier Aranda’s new hair salon opens Recoleta May 2014

It was my ambition to build my Recoleta hair salon behind closed doors.

In 2008, I left the hairdressing salon in Belgrano where I had worked happily for years and years.

My daughter had reached her not so terrible twos and I wanted to give her more time.

I decided to start a home-hair-salon-business using the spare room.

It was an amazing time in my life.

Working from home meant I did not miss one beat of my daughter’s early development.  In addition, I could service my ever-growing client list with lots of personal attention.

My service caught on quickly, especially with clients looking for a professional hairdresser who speaks fluent English.  Today, I get booked a week or two in advance.

When my daughter started full time school, I moved to a professional apartment with more space and facilities on Juncal.  My hairdressing business continued to grow solely by recommendation.

Many international clients and high profile Argentines liked an appointment only service, dedicated and one-to-one, never rushed with no waiting around.

Then one fateful day I realized I was just too busy. Most nights I was still in my salon until nearly midnight. My business was bursting at the seams.  I needed more space and staff.

It is difficult to find hairdressers and salon staff of quality who want to work behind closed doors.  I struggled to recruit a quality estilista who would epitomize my service promise and take on new clients with expertise that equaled my own.

I spoke about my dilemma with my husband and he said, ‘’ask your clients.’’  I did, and coming soon is a hair and beauty salon in upscale Recoleta that based on the many fine recommendations made by my clients who are just as excited about my move as I am.

I did not want to create a standard one color ‘’off the shelf’’ hairdressing salon, like the ones dotted all over the city of Buenos Aires. I want to stand out from the crowd.

In addition, I intend to see my clients by appointment, whilst my fantastic new colleagues deal with walk-ins to build their own appointment based services.

Hairdresser Recoleta Buenos Aires

Hairdresser Recoleta Buenos Aires

During May 2014, I open my first on-the-street hairdressing salon in upscale Recoleta, on Arenales and Junín.  It is a fantastic space and just a few blocks from Pueyrredon subte station.

My new hair salon in Recoleta is built around a brand, rather than just one hairdresser’s name. All my colleagues are professional hairdressers and makeup artists with a minimum of 10-years’ experience.

After careful consultation with my many clients, my salon design transports you on a nostalgic journey back to the rocking fifties and the swinging sixties.

Fashionable antique art objects from the 1950s and 1960s acquired throughout Argentina over many months adorn my salon.

Five matching antique barber chairs from the fifties were painstakingly recycled and ‘’unisexed’’ in dashing modern colors.  My barber’s chairs stand proudly before five 1950s style Monumental Rectangular Mirrors with striking angled mirrored borders.

I love color – my hairdressing salon in Recoleta captures a little of the fifties futuristic styling with bursts of psychedelic colors from the sixties.

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By joining Javier’s Hair & Beauty Club, you receive regular updates, beauty advice, information on special product launches, offers and sales at my new hair salon in upscale Recoleta.

International clients benefit from English and Portuguese speaking hairdressers and beauty therapists.


Javier Aranda

Hair Art Director

011 4824-5570




Arenales 2066 between Junín and Ayacucho, Recoleta.

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