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Bridal or Wedding Makeup and Hair • Special Events • Graduation • Fashion Shows • Modeling Portfolio • Runway and Photo Shoot • Film and TV Makeup - we do it all, and your hair!

When I first started out as a fully trained estilista (expert hair & makeup artist with a four year apprenticeship under my belt), I found the very personal subject of woman’s makeup the most difficult part of my professional day.

Why? It was not the work, the exclusive and renowned Sozi Gerard Salon had taught me my body-craft well. Getting someone to try their hair up or down is easy, but the very personal subject of makeup color and what becomes ‘makeup-habits’, along with ideas about what does and does not make a WOW can be a tough piece of communication.

You cannot imagine how I used to squirm inside when a ‘stronger-hint’ that ‘all’s not well’ became the imperative.  That was then. Today, my clients like to experiment, enjoy their makeup experience and embrace my artistry.

Women’s Makeup Fashions

Women tend to follow makeup fashion, color and trends without considering their own coloring, complexion and look. Can I ask you an impertinent question: How often have you seen a woman with great makeup, but the wrong makeup for her face, her coloring, her clothes and maybe for the time, yes its 2011 –but what about the time of day or the time of year?  There are some basic rules ladies and I am good teacher if you want to learn to paint your face with some style.

Women are often stuck in a rut, with old-hat makeup fashion and colors that just do not work anymore. We all change and as maturity finds us, many of us hate those changes. We all fight a good battle against age and makeup is one of our best allies. Good makeup is about playing to your anatomical strengths and making those changes work for you, using your bone structure, your natural color to get a look that makes the world go WOW.

More to the point, colors and fashions change with the seasons, what’s in today is out tomorrow and what we wear today for work is not what we should be wearing tonight in a club or bar.

I like that timeless classic natural look with some modern colors and that is what I tend to advise/teach and how I retrain women to apply their own makeup to best effect.

Makeup that Plays to your Strengths

It’s not my job to be impertinent, it’s my job to tell you how to look your best, if you are sensitive and would prefer to stay the same, do not waste your money.

I like to experiment with my clients, if you are not satisfied first time (very unusual) no matter, your face is wonderfully natural canvass we can wipe clean and we just keep going until we think you have achieved your optimum look.

Your face shape and bone structure, your hair color and your complexion make you unique; makeup should accentuate your unique natural beauty and color differences to best effect.

Bridal or Wedding Makeup and hair • Special Events • Graduation • Fashion Shows • Modeling Portfolio • Runway and Photo Shoot • Film and TV Makeup – we do it all and your hair!

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Hair Art Director

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