Makeup to battle the signs of old age

Makeup to battle the signs of old age

At Sicodelica Hair Art in Buenos Aires we provide a full range of makeup artistry, advice and training for both men and women to perfect flawless natural looking makeup that helps battle the signs of age.


Makeup to battle the signs of old age


Antiaging Makeup Must Pay Particular Attention to the Eyes and Mouth

Antiaging Makeup for the day and night are strikingly different.  However, if a busy lifestyle makes applying makeup twice a day impossible always paint for the day because we can touch-up or add colours to both the eyes and mouth for the night. Remember, keeping makeup neat and tidy is always VERY important.


Hydration an Essential Base for mature men & women

When talking about preparing your canvas, make sure you apply makeup to well-hydrated skin. Use a non-greasy quality hydrating cream, serum, or mist.

Avoid anything that sparkles and/or any luminous blushes and highlighters.

Finish your makeup with a quality hydrating mist and if you feel tightness around expression areas of the face, mist again throughout the day or night – MIST means conservative hydration with no drips!


Let’s light-up & Contour that Eye Makeup

There is not anything worse than mascara and line ends finding their way into areas where the skin has lost some tightness and/or wrinkles around eyes.  You must avoid that – ‘’I have been out all night look’’ – of your teens.

Always take some eye-friendly makeup wipes and Q-tips on your travels to keep the eye area perfect.

The eyes are the gateway to the soul.  They can always be one of your sexiest attributes with the right antiaging makeup.  Most folks are masters of the nonchalant top-to-toe look-see.  As they scan a room without seeming to focus anyone, you may notice even those glancing looks tend to concentrate attention on the eyes and mouth, particularly men.

Avoid eyebrows that are too dark and poorly shaped.  Eyebrows can be fuller, we like natural looking eyebrows. Always choose a colour lighter than your natural hair.  Shaping that frames the eyes without being overly distracting is very important (particularly men, please, stop over-tweezering boys) if you want your eyes to really pop with correct makeup choices.

The advent of shine and sparkled shadow fashions are most definitely a disaster for some mature women.  Any shine or glimmer can exaggerate looser skin areas and wrinkles around the eyes.  It is no good glaring-away natural contours we will use to help smooth away the signs of age.


Let’s pump up fuller looking lips

The young and beautiful are still looking a little Maleficent – with darker lips and strong lines – that is not a good look for most mature women.  When losing some of that wonderful pump of your teens and twenties you need to avoid making the lips look any thinner.  Lose the darker tones, particularly those with blue undertones that make the lips look smaller and take down the temperature of a sexy pout.

Go for a burst of colour that really pops on your carefully prepared canvas. Avoid those menacing lines in favour of softer edges to make the lips appear fuller.  However, the balance between fuller lips and coco-the-clown is a matter of a few millimetres, so practice makes perfect.


Why not make an appointment for a makeover that can include Makeup Tricks to Battle the Signs of Old Age.


Playing to your anatomical strengths is your greatest ally; makeup tips that battle the signs of old age.



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