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Makeup Trends 2015

Before we review runway makeup trends 2015, I want to make a couple of points that every woman and man should take into consideration.


Makeup Trends 2015


Makeup neither Practical nor Flattering


makeup trends 2015

Catwalk Makeup


I’ve always looked at hair and makeup since my teens.  Unlike many hairdressers and makeup artists, I knew my career of choice from an early age.  I’m passionate about hair and makeup, and I love fashion. However, what’s right for supermodels coming down the runways might be neither practical nor flattering for us mere mortals.


Buenos Aires tends to be behind the times when it comes to makeup fashion. I’m not too stuck on catwalk makeup that’s here today and gone tomorrow. There’s also the seasonal lags that means spring collections 2015 from the Northern Hemisphere are just about to ‘arrive’ in Buenos Aires when up north they have shown and are already busy selling autumn collections – it can be a little confusing.


It’s always worth looking backwards at seasonal variations and remember, we’ve a grossly humid climate to contend without the benefit of first-world air conditioning.


Makeup a Truly Personal matter


makeup trends 2015

Makeup Very Personal


Makeup is a very personal matter.  Women and men have their makeup habits and boundaries.  As the old adage goes, ‘old habits die hard’.  This expression could not be truer when talking about makeup habits. When advising clients, I’ve often found unflattering makeup application the most difficult habit to break.  Not all makeup styles and colours truly benefit everyone. We have to carefully weigh a number of important factors such as natural hair and skin tones, eye colour, what you intend to wear and the time of day.


Makeup Clones


In earlier articles, we looked at hairstyles and hair colour trends in the northern hemisphere for spring and summer 2015. As always, there’s competition in the market because couture designers, hairdressers and makeup artists seek to differentiate their brands.  That’s good news because it means there’s plenty of room for innovation and personalisation when advising my clients on new makeup trends.


Most importantly, it means we can find a very personal range of colours, application techniques and looks to avoid creating Buenos Aires makeup clones.


Why choose a makeup artist


makeup artistry sicodelica hair art

Sicodelica Colour Studio


Makeup artists can paint using a huge range of base makeup, colours and professional techniques that change the appearance of your skin to transform and enhance appearance.  A makeup consultation at Sicodelica Hair Art Colour Studio Buenos Aires explores makeup habits, how and why you use makeup to play to your anatomical strengths and what you believe (sometimes incorrectly) hides imperfections.


Back to makeup trends 2015


Makeup trends 2015 are varied and interesting.  I’m  going to start with eyebrows and eyes. There’s so much happening on the makeup scene and remember, up north, it’s autumn collections.  I intend to write about lip and skin tones, followed by men’s makeup over the coming week.  Why not join my mailing list to avoid missing follow-up articles.


Aliens & Eyebrows


Eyebrows Makeup

Eyebrows & Makeup


Eyebrows are a little bigger and thicker. Sometimes lighter and/or professionally plucked to reduce their thickness and enhance shape for a super natural look I find refreshing.  I’ve always been a fan of more natural looking eyebrows.  Many designers think that eyebrows should be a little lighter than natural hair colour.  However, the dark hair and blonde eyebrow look is interesting but a tad freaky.  For some odd reason, it makes me think ‘alien’.


Natural looking makeup for that ‘carefree’ fresher face is something I applaud for every day – particularly for busy professionals and/or mums who find face painting means losing valuable time.  Although, don’t be fooled, natural looking makeup still takes time to apply and there’s a couple of neat tricks to make the eyes pop – even when less is more.


I suffer a little from the Argentine disease when it comes to hair and makeup because I love fashion history. Taking trips back in hair and makeup time to the roots of styles and technique rather than just focussing on what’s new always captivates and inspires me. I’m a bit of a purist.


Stop plucking the ‘freck’ out of your eyebrows boys!


mens eyebrows

Men’s Eyebrows


Today’s hair and makeup give us plenty scope to be creative, but how we paint at Sicodelica Hair Art really depends on what we decide works best for you. Already women are asking me for lighter eyebrows.  Many of my clients are sporting fuller looking eyebrows that provide a fantastic frame for their eyes.  However, wandering through Palermo it’s clear that some men are a little behind trend.  Stop plucking the ‘freck’ out of your eyebrows boys!


Eye makeup 2015


eye makeup trends

Eye Makeup Trends


I see eye makeup and adornments designed to make those eyes go pop in big way with lots of smoke and blending looks countered by more subtle makeup and pastel colours that state,  ‘I have no makeup (do really) and I don’t care’.   Makeup trends 2015 are great for women who love conservative makeup days & crazier makeup nights.


This year, the natural and fresh face look with bushier eyebrows competes for supremacy with darker and fuller stylised eyebrows that frame Mary-Quant-like smoky eyes with lots black and brown liquid eyeliners.  I much prefer fuller eyebrows and not the overly plucked fine lines from the Quant era.


eye makeup 2015

Makeup Trends 2015


Eyeliner is doubled up and/or cat’s eyes effect drawn right into the corners of the eyes and even winged Cleopatra-like. However, eyeliner is used in a range of exciting colours with white, blues, orange, golden browns and even reds.  I loved Max Factor’s Candice goes Marilyn Monroe in April 2015.  I’m not a fan of coco-the-clown undereye makeup extremes, but using a pencil and/or colours with a softer smoky lines of colour can look amazing.


Retro flappers


Eyelashes Mascara 2015

Eyelashes Mascara 2015


Long eyelashes with black and brown mascaras are sometimes extreme. Have you seen the retro flapper-eyelashes look? Again, I love big black and dark brown flapper-eyelashes, but I’m not so keen on the blobby and pointed lashes looks.


I base my articles on questions asked by my clients’ day-after-day. If you have questions or any doubts, please write your comments below and I’ll do my best to answer you after hours and at weekends.


Please remember, I’m a busy hairdresser and makeup artist with a young family – be courteous if I  cannot respond directly.


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