Celebrity Baylage

Natural looking sun-kissed hair color look, what”s it called?

Get a natural looking sun-kissed hair color look before you leave Buenos Aires...

Celebrity Baylage

Many clients may know by sight what hair color treatment they like but they often struggle to explain the hair color effect or treatment they require.

The summer always brings the same request:

“How do I achieve multi-colored blonde or light brown highlight tones that offer depth, dimension and leave my hair with a wonderfully natural sun kissed look?’’

That’s easy – really – the treatment you have most probably seen on celebrity hair, ‘’was all the rage’’ from about 2007 and still is one of the most requested hair color treatment by visitors and expats from the United States of America at my private, ‘’closed door salon’’ in Recoleta Buenos Aires.


What is Balayage?

natural sun kissed hair color buenos aires

The word Balayage (French) describes sweeping movements of color across the hair to create a wonderfully natural looking mix of high-lights and low-lights of brown and blond tones that give your hair depth, dimension and that very natural sun-kissed look.

Balayage is a French hair coloring technique developed in the 1970; a freehand hair color technique requires the talents of an expert colorista (hair color technician).

Your colorista will apply hair color by hand rather than using foil or a cap, or when clients come for a very first color and range of techniques are used to gently move your color to its desired color.

I achieve the best Balayage effect over about three appointments four to five weeks apart.

I progressively add a mirage of colors. This is a technique I use every day with many Argentine women whom you probably see out and about, and think:
‘’wow – I know her hair is dyed but she always looks so good and naturally blonde’’

‘’wow – I saw her last month, her hair should be growing out, but she still looks so naturally blonde and healthy’’

The great thing about this technique is I will NOT need to see you for four months after your final treatment, that is unless you just fancy a freshen-up with a color toner or a hair treatment to bring out the colors.

Another great thing about Balayage is it works for the shortest pixie hairstyles.

The best result is achieved with medium to long hair with multiple tones of color swept through the hair for a very natural look over three to four progressive treatments.

Why I like Balayage

No matter what your style or age Balayage is a fantastic hair color treatment for women looking for softer and natural highlight tones for a mature and dignified look or stronger tones for the modern woman or some girls go crazy with a punky-color range.

Balayage never went out of fashion at my private hair salon in upscale Recoleta. However, once again I am getting many requests for this hair color technique. Probably because it is summer and it is so low maintenance.

Balayage is a treatment that does not require a touch up at my salon every few weeks and is perfect for travelers.

Balayage is the most cost effective way to color your hair in the longer term because there are no solid lines or problems with regrowth, particularly today when dark roots are still very much in and the most practical of hair fashions.

Once you have a Balayage, it will still look good a month or two down the line.

A word of warning

One problem is you should stick to one expert color technician or colorista- estilista or you may find a less experienced technician will overlap Balayage to damage already color treated hair – that’s the skill you see.

Hair color technicians have to take their time – this is not a hair color treatment that works well in a busy salon with less experienced color technicians who have a boss that cracks the whip for chair space and client movement.

You need a color technician or colorista-estilista with time, patience and a good eye.

A more experienced being that is able to tell the over-zealous salon manager to bugger-off!

Balayage at the Hair Color Clinic Recoleta Buenos Aires

We have time. When you book an appointment with me, you have my one-to-one undivided attention.

Balayage is fantastic hair color treatment that so many of my clients still prefer today; my longest serving Balayage devotee is some 9-years old we discovered last week!

I use a variety of methods that depends on the result required and the length of your hair. I sometimes use foil when clients have natural untreated hair for the first treatment, and both a brush and board or move the hair into sections to tease-out the strands I want to color during later sessions. It really depends on the look required and what my experience tells me is best for your hair.

It does take some time though! If you want the best possible look, we achieve it over multiple appointments. Any great colorist will tell you, there are NO hard and fast rules.

Every Balayage hair color treatment I complete for a client is different and it evolves with their preferences over time.

Javier Aranda

Hair Art Director


011 4824-5570




Arenales 2066 between Junín and Ayacucho, Recoleta.

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