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Hair Art

At Sicodelica Hair Art in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, our Hair Artists are fully trained and experienced ‘estilistas’ (hairdressing and makeup experts) that have finely honed their body-craft skills over many years. Hair Art exploits hair type and texture, the length of hair, and compliments head and face shapes while respecting our clients’ comfort zones. Our hair and makeup compositions ensure clients always look and feel their very best. Sicodelica Hair Art only employs estilistas with comprehensive and complete hairdressing experience. Our business grows according to Javier Aranda training our professionals to cut, color and paint the Sicodelica Color Studio way.  Our Hair Artists provide precise long and short hair cutting skills, advanced hair colouring techniques and the safest hair treatment products available in Argentina. Our hairdressers and makeup artists subscribe to Hair Art Director, Javier Aranda’s trademark skill, ‘’we LISTEN to our clients’’.


At Sicodelica Hair Art, clients benefit from precision haircuts that use and enhance hair texture, length and shape to create hair fashion that accentuates anatomical strengths and personifies style while respecting our clients’ views and boundaries. Exceptional and experienced hairstylists provide basic trims, bangs and styling for women and men; dignified styling for mature clients and high-style fashion-cuts. Women’s hair cutting and styling finds another level, from the classic to vogue, to transform hair design into uplifting and inspirational experiences that engender new confidence. Our hair cutting experts provide long layering and shorter women’s hairstyles.  Our barbering brings a modern dynamic to men’s hair styling and traditional shorter hair cuts ‘’with no lines’’ using scissors, clippers or razor – just state your preference.

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Hair Color Clinic

Estilistas (hair and makeup experts) at Sicodelica Hair Art Recoleta, Buenos Aires are fully trained ‘’coloristas’’ trained in Director Javier Aranda’s trademark natural hair colour techniques. Professional development is very important and our colourists attend the leading hair brands keeping fully acquainted with modern colour chemistry.  At Sicodelica Hair Art we only use the most advanced hair colour lines. Our preference is the L’Oreal Professional ranges. We do not use inferior local brands of hair colour that are cheaper, but certainly not cheerful. Hair colouring from extreme fashion colours, highlights, or single process all demonstrate our high level of technical expertise – clients are never disappointed. Been somewhere else and have a problem? Javier Aranda is renowned for hair colour correction and personally corrects hair colour disasters by appointment. Sicodelica Hair Art guarantees hair colour satisfaction.

Brushing & Styling

If you want to look your best, visit Sicodelica Hair Art Recoleta, Buenos Aires  for an extensive range of hair treatments with brushing and styling. Whether you want your hair up or down, we specialise in creating exciting hair design and styles for both women and men that uses or changes your hair type, texture, and length using safe treatments to enhance and sculpture inspiring hairstyles for those very important every days. If your goal is body and lift, or maximum volume and shape, our hair styling professionals ensure our clients look their absolute best at any event. Whatever your preference – big hair with natural life – soft flowing curls – straight and sleek – dignified mature styling – our hair stylists excel. You will not be disappointed. Our team at Sicodelica Hair Art provide a portfolio of makeup service for women and men using leading professional makeup brands such as MAC.  Metrosexuals from London, New York to Paris know that truly modern men benefit from great hair styling and flawless, natural looking makeup – looking fabulous is unisex.

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Natural Hair Extensions Studio

Leading hair extensions technologies transform short hairstyles to let your own hair grow long and healthy while quality natural hair extensions improve your look. Hair Extensions require competent Extensionistas able to match your own hair colour, hair type and then safely integrate natural hair extensions for a glossy and flowing, or styled effect. Natural Hair Extensions – Where Do I Start? There are many different types of Hair Extensions in the marketplace, but the Natural Hair Extensions Studio focuses on the safest and most natural looking application methods: Individual strand-by-strand hair extensions use Micro-Loop-Technology. Individual strand methods involve taking small amounts of hair for each hair extension and safely attaching those strands to small sections of your own hair. At the Natural Hair Extensions Studio Buenos Aires, we ONLY use MICRO-LOOP-TECHNOLOGY. It is safe. It does not damage your natural hair. It enables you and our Extensionista to easily maintain and regulate extensions every 3-4 months as your natural hair grows out. The Natural Hair Extensions Studio Buenos Aires only uses quality human hair – why? Go for synthetics if you want to look like you have a shredded plastic bag stuck to your head. Please avoid synthetic hair at all times. Synthetic hair is plastic and will NEVER look natural, unless you are 12-inches tall and your name is Barbie.

Hair Treatments

Safe Hair Treatments…
Sicodelica Hair Art provides a full range of crème and phototronic treatments to add body and volume, curl, shine or straighten your hair.

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Makeup Artistry

Bridal & Wedding Makeup • Special Events Makeup • Graduation Makeup • Fashion Shows • Modelling Portfolio Makeup • Runway & Photo Shoot • Film & TV Makeup
‘’When starting out as a fully trained Estilista (expert hair & makeup artist), I found the very personal subject of women’s makeup the most difficult part of my professional day.
Getting someone to try their hair up or down is easy, but the very personal subject of makeup colour and what becomes ‘makeup-habits’ are often sensitive areas of communication. You cannot imagine how I squirmed inside when stronger hints that ‘all’s not well’ became an imperative.
That was then. Today, my clients like to experiment, enjoy their makeup experiences, and embrace my artistry.’’
Javier Aranda


Javier Aranda directs a unique collaboration of South America’s most dedicated and skilled body-craft professionals.  Some of Buenos Aires and South Americas leading talents in hair, makeup and body-craft artistry are available at our salon or on location by appointment.  Aranda conducts a dynamic boutique-consultative of hairstylists, make-up artists, fashion stylists, nail care specialists, and body artists for special events and productions.  Aranda is not about professional representation, he heads his teams that approach body-craft artistry with honesty, passion, and humility, setting a standard for our industry.
• Society weddings
• Women’s Events
• Social engagements
• Important birthdays
• Fashion Photography
• TV and film production