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Does Fibreplex work for colour correction & damaged hair?

Does Fibreplex work?

Colour correction & damaged hair repair results

This week we invited three models to attend Sicodelica Hair Art to trial Fibreplex.  Our colour assistants got the chance to demonstrate what they have learnt under Hair Art Director and one of Buenos Aires leading stylist Javier Aranda.

Check out the damage mid-length to ends:

fibreplex recoleta buenos aires

#Fibreplex #Sicodelica

sicodelica fibreplex buenos aires

Only fully trained colorists join Sicodelica Hair Art.  However, everyone starts on our sales/reception desk so that they learn to respect the work undertaken by our tip-top administration team.  They then assist Javier and Yohn for up to six months. Earning a place on the front-line demands dedication and practice.  Our business has grown slowly to ensure our hairdressers are some of the best trained in Buenos Aires.

Normally, you would not touch the mid part of this hair and ends with bleach – BUT – check out the #FibreplexEffect!

#Fibreplex #Sicodelica #DamagedHair 5

As you can see, we are bold and we are brave!  Or, maybe we just have a little more experience dealing with colour correction and chemically damaged hair.

La decoloración con #Fibreplex #Sicodelica

When looking at this work there’re two things to consider. The hair was badly damaged.  The work was undertaken by one of our trainees, a fully trained colorist in most salons, but not quite ready for the front line at Sicodelica Hair Art.

#Fibreplex #Sicodelica #DamagedHair Despues

#Fibreplex #Sicodelica #DamagedHair Despues

#Sicodelica #DamagedHair

Hair loss – what treatment actually work

Every day clients ask us about hair loss. This article focusses on Male Pattern Baldness.  We will tackle the complex issues related to female hair loss in our next article.  Hairdressers are not trichologists.  We provide consensus opinion among professionals in the field. We do not give medical advice.

We see a rise in the number of products offered in the marketplace for male pattern baldness and other types of hair loss.  Forget ‘what’s written on the tin’ most lotions, potions and tablets are a complete waste of money.

Lots of lotions, potions and pills often talk big but are short on proven facts and cannot support their many false claims with clinical trials.

When suffering from rapid and significant hair loss, always consult a doctor, particularly younger men and women.

If hair follicles are uniform in size, or if the hair loss is sudden, the cause might be something other than heredity or hormonal factors, like a treatable medical condition.

There are only four sure ways to slow down or prevent Male Pattern Baldness. Notice we say slow down or prevent. There is no known cure.

Propecia or Finasteride

A prescription pill that can prevent hair loss by blocking the balding hormone. Can cause side effects like penile dysfunction.


Rogaine or Minoxidil:

A topical application that thickens hair by limiting the effectiveness of Dihydrotestosterone shrinking the hair follicle.  Often causes itchiness and painful spots on the head through overuse.


Laser light treatment:

A red light stimulates growth in the hair follicle, reducing inflammation and keeping it healthy.


PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections:

Take a bit of your blood, that’s then spun at high speed to separate the white and red blood cells, the white platelets are injected into the scalp.  This process has shown exciting results in countering Male Pattern Baldness

Icy Blonde Platinum Hair

FIBREPLEX‬ TECHNOLOGY available ‎Sicodelica‬ Hair Art

‪#‎FIBREPLEX‬ TECHNOLOGY available 17 May ‪#‎Sicodelica‬ Hair Art.

FIBREPLEX protects against damage from lightening, lifting and colouring.

High-performing Fibre Bond 4.5 Technology interlinks with the hair fibres to enforce and seal strong structural bonds and minimise hair breakage during lightening, lifting and colouring. Thanks to the Fibre Bond 4.5 Technology the system creates new bonds and balances the pH level to lock in colour pigments and ensure superior hair quality, long-lasting colour brilliance and shine.

fiberplex sicodelica hair art

LA TECNOLOGÍA ‪#‎FIBREPLEX‬ disponible en 17 Mayo ‪#‎Sicodelica‬

Warning: Do not dye your hair black unless….

Warning: Do not dye your hair black unless….  


There’s a phrase used in American film by African Americans.


It’s 100% true: ‘Once you go black you never go back!’ 


Black culture must have borrowed this phrase from hairdressing.


Don’t use permanent black hair colour unless you intend to live with black hair until it grows out.


Permanent black hair colour dyes are notoriously difficult to lift without a longer discolouration process that can seriously damage your hair.


If you are desperate to remove black colour, we can safely lift enough black (one to two shades) to achieve pleasing darker brown, purple or red colours.


Black hair dye often covers a multitude of sins.


If you or a professional colourist used permanent black hair colour as a correction please be candid.


If you have coloured the hair with a new colour over black hair – it is not obvious to all hairdressers.


It is always in your best interest to tell your hairdresser the truth!


The root cause of many complaints against hairdressers are due to inexperienced hairdresser not asking the right questions and/or client disinformation.  All clients attended at Sicodelica Hair Art complete and sign a fact-find.  We seek to protect both our clients and our hairdressers.


Black permanent hair colour generally stops discolouring at the Fanta-Orange stage.  To take hair lighter, will often cause hair damage.  At this point, our colour technicians will stop a discoloration process.  We will take a photo.


We’ll cover permanent black hair colour with darker browns, purples or reds.  Even if we attempt to take hair lighter, lighter shades of colour will never look how they should unless we bleach the hair until it’s chemically damaged. When clients demand discoloration to lighter shades we ask them to confirm it is at their own risk!

Tendencias en maquillaje – Lápices Labiales

Lipstick makeup trends 2015

Lipstick makeup trends 2015 follows a series of articles on hairstyles 2015, hair colour 2015, and eyebrow and eye makeup.


Lipstick makeup trends 2015


Lips don’t require too many words, I think it better to provide groups of images that demonstrates lipstick as part of an ensemble of the trends highlighted in earlier articles.


Lips are definitely darker, berry fruits of the forest and sultry sexy for a pout with clout or going with “natural”, “minimal” and “real” makeup looks, lipstick must compliment the au-natural-statement with a range of warmer neutral colour tones darker than base or skin colour with natural looking beiges, pinks and softer red lipsticks.



Berry Red Lipsticks

Berry Red Lipsticks



Forest Fruity Lips

Forest Fruity Lips



Lipstick 2015

Lipstick 2015



Lippy 2015

Lippy 2015



Lippy Makeup 2015

Lippy Makeup 2015



Minimal Makeup 2015

Minimal Makeup 2015



Because we need a few more words on lipstick, I thought it might be interesting to briefly describe 7000 years of lippy-history at the end of this article.


Pursual of the perfect pout has preoccupied women for millennia.  Pre-history is not 100% clear on anything, but women and men have decorated and painted their lips from around 5000 years before christ.   That’s a long time.  Egyptian men and women poisoned themselves looking for the perfect pout. A Muslim doctor who lived in Spain during the 10C created the first range of moulded oily lipsticks to treat lip problems.  He also created a perfumed variety to make the ancient mouth smell a little more attractive.


Lipsticks were back in the 1600s when Great Britain’s Lizzie I, betrayed by a man she loved, became one of the world’s first and most feared feminists.  Everyone must remember that scene from Elizabeth when Kate Blanchet desexes herself, cutting her hair back, painting her face white and rouging her lips. Her ‘virginity’ crowned with a copper wig.



Lipstick Lizzie I

Lipstick Lizzie I



Of course, Kate was still beautiful even when desexed.  Let’s have a look at a painting that we must assume shows Elizabeth I at her best – ouch!



Elizabeth Lipstick

Elizabeth I



I base my articles on questions asked by my clients’ day-after-day. If you have questions or any doubts, please write your comments below and I’ll do my best to answer you after hours and at weekends.


Please remember, I’m a busy hairdresser and makeup artist with a young family – be courteous if I  cannot respond directly.


You can also post questions to @HairBuenosAires on Twitter.


Please like and share my articles with your friends.  I’m sure they would like to know what lipstick makeup trends 2015 might find their way to Buenos Aires.