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Tango hairstyles & makeup (peinado) Buenos Aires @ Javier Aranda Hair & Makeup Design

Leading hair stylist and makeup professional Javier Aranda advises on hair and makeup design for tango dancers in Buenos Aires...

Many female clients I see for hair and makeup designs (peinados in Spanish) are visiting Buenos Aires to dance tango and they are fastidious about how they look.
In the past, my ”tango ladies” were 40+ years old, but tango is growing in popularity all over the world and my clients get younger each year.

The tango is a stunning dance form and representative of the mood and culture that makes Buenos Aires such a hit with tourists, and in particular tango dancers.

I have the same clients returning to dance and compete in tango competitions year after year.

It makes me very happy to see younger and younger couples dancing tango.  It means that this striking, sexy and sultry dance form born in the Rio del la Plata Basin will endure the test of time and help make Buenos Aires even more popular as a travel destination.

Also, younger tango dancing clients allow me to work with hair and makeup that’s a little less conservative – I have to admit to enjoying creating striking hair and makeup that  makes you stand out even in a milonga.

On that point – I am a fully qualified Estilista.  In Argentina, that means I have trained for five years in all specialties to become a qualified hairdresser and a professional makeup artist.  An Estilista is not any old salon trained stylist – I am a professional with five years training and nearly ten years’ hair and makeup experience.  Make sure that you choose a professional.

I am not a fan of that overly-glossed look that is so predominates ballroom competition hairstyles, but there are some rules that I have learnt over the years from my very demanding Argentinas (tangueras).

Some who have been dancing tango for decades and one in particular for 50 years!

Hair and makeup for tangueras (ladies who dance tango) is just as important (more) as their dresses and shoes.

Firstly, if you are dancing for fun there are no rules. Wear your hair how you feel comfortable. Remember, wearing your hair up or in slicked back bun styles is practical because hair is not flying around your face, or probably more annoying and distracting, in your partner’s face.

If dancing in competition, it’s very important that you keep your hair away from both your face and your partner’s face at all times.

Smooth and confined hairstyles that accentuate your beauty and enables judges to see your characterisation,  mood and ownership of tango flowing into your dance is very, very important.

You may begin to see the importance of good hair and striking makeup. And, like all dance forms, a good neck line is also very important.

Looking at ballroom dancers’ hair and makeup offers a sense of what type of look you might choose, but remember, the tango is wildly sensual, sexy and requires ”that attitude”, and not so much of that toothy grin.

Tango is sexy.  Tango hair and makeup at Javier Aranda Hair & Makeup design WILL be sexy.

An elegant Chignon or French Twist are two simple examples of hairstyles for ballroom competitions.  The goal is to have your hair neat and slick, with no loose, wispy strands.

When it comes to makeup, remember that we are going to create a look that is right for the night and moreover, for a low-light room. How you feel about your makeup during the day in front of a mirror in my private salon in Recoleta becomes just a distant memory and a very different look when dressed and ready the night in one of Buenos Aires’ fantastic tango salons.

If you are visiting Buenos Aires and want a real tango experience, I highly recommend Buenos Aires Experience.  Why?  I went out with the Tanguero and it’s one of the best nights I had out in a while.  Try his Tango Unleashed – for real.

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