Terms of Business & Policies

Terms of Business & Policies

When booking and/or accepting an appointment at Sicodelica Hair Art you agree these “Terms of Business” and “Policies”.  When booking and/or accepting an appointment you become a “Client”. Our “Service Products” promoted as images, illustrated and/or documented electronically and in print are the hair colour techniques and cutting styles developed by our business.  All content included as part of the Service, such as text, graphics, logos, images are the property of Sicodelica Hair Art Marca Reg and protected by copyright and other laws that protect intellectual property and proprietary rights.

Our Policies: Cancellations

We employ a simple diary system.  We confirm all appointments and then reconfirm 24-hours before you attend. When our staff reconfirm your appointment, you may cancel without incurring any costs whatsoever.  Clients agree to pay $250 pesos for each appointment missed.  We add a non-cancellation fee to the cost of your next appointment.

Our Policies: Arrival

Please arrive at least 10-minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Take time to unwind, enjoy a beverage, preview new looks in various fashion magazines, review service products and complete a fact-find that protects both you and our hairdressers.  Our fact-find helps assess the current state of your hair, what work we advise/agree (written proof of our agreement in the hair salon) and record colour/s agreed with your stylist.

Our Policies: Late Arrivals

To ensure we attend clients on time we reserve the right to reschedule any client that arrives late so not inconvenience others.  We expect good manners and understanding when forced to offer a new appointment time.

Our Policies: Gratuities

We welcome cash gratuities we divide among our staff each day. 60% to senior personnel and 40% for their assistants.  Please ONLY pay cash gratuities to the cashier. There’s a gratuities box on the desk.

Our Policies: Children

Sicodelica Hair Art welcomes children. Please remind your children to avoid running, spinning or climbing on chairs, or opening any closed drawers in the hair salon. Most drawers contain sharp objects and chemicals that could be potentially dangerous.  You must accompany young children at all times.

Our Policies: Redo

Sicodelica Hair Art is unlike other hairdressing businesses.  We publish a range of hair colour and cutting styles, we call service products.  At each stage of our hairstyling process, we train peer review of preparation, technique and finish. We have a working policy to protect clients’ hair and skin from chemical and/or product damage. We have finished service products criteria.  If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our service we agree to resolve any problem when we dry hair for colour checks and/or cutting. We are always happy to adjust styles and colours within 10-days of your last appointment at no cost.  When choosing a fantasy colour clients must expect semi-permanent hair dyes to wash out.  We advise a written policy for optimum fantasy colours that remain vibrant for up to four weeks.  If you suffer porous hair, we can add colour free of charge for up to 10-days after your last colour appointment.    

Our Policies: Service Products and Colour Formulas

All our service products – hair colour designs and styles– techniques and colour mixes – formula and processes published internally and/or externally are the property of Sicodelica Hair Art Marca Reg., protected by copyright and other laws that protect intellectual property and proprietary rights.  They ‘benchmark’ a high standard of quality hairdressing that clients can expect in all our outlets.

Our Policies: Returns/Refunds

When hair artists provide a service product and clients do not like the work they chose, be it colour or style, we will not offer a refund.  However, we will work tirelessly to ensure clients are satisfied before they leave.

You may return products purchased in the hair salon in original packaging and state ONLY for exchange within 7-days of purchase.  We will exchange electrical goods for up to 30-days.

Our Policies: Complaints

Please send your complaints to salon@sicodelica.com  – note ‘complaint’ in the subject box.  We will answer your complaint within 24-hours and recall you within five working days.

Our Policies: Payment

We take Debit and Credit Cards issued by Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We do not accept cheques as a form of payment.

Our Policies:

Sicodelica Hair Art reserves the right to refuse Products & Services to anyone at its discretion if we believe our business suffers abuse.  Our maximum liability to any client is the full reimbursement of a fee.  Clients must return their receipt of payment.