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The beach is a bitch on beauty…

Protecting your Hair, Makeup & Skin Buenos Aires Summer 2013/14


Javier Aranda recommends Soleil de Kérastase

Javier Aranda Hair & Makeup Design

Are you getting ready for Christmas and a New Year vacation on the beach? The sand, sea, sun, and chlorinated pools in particular all take their toll on your hair, skin and makeup.

The lure of Brazil, Buenos Aires’ Coast and Punta del Este empty Buenos Aires City for January, when most public and some private institutions close for one-month – it is summer holidays!!!!

This article comes in two parts to provide hair maintenance and beauty tips for my many Buenos Aires hair and makeup clients to protect their hair, skin and makeup on the coast this summer.

  • Hair contains ten to fifteen percent water. On the hottest summer days, part of the water evaporates. Compensate for this loss with hydration and moisturising your hair with non-greasy protectors that block UV-rays.
  • Occasional exposure chlorinated pools will not damage normal healthy hair. Hair may dry a little. Constant exposure will dry, damage and increase hair porosity. It is best to keep treated (bleached and coloured) hair out of Chlorinated water. It quickly strips colour, makes treated hair brittle, super porous and prone to breaking.
    • Many beauty treatments and cosmetics are neither heat nor pool and seawater friendly.
      • Most of us love a tan but the sun is dangerous for our skin.

I am not seeking to banish my clients from the beach, pool or sun. Here are some hair maintenance tips that will protect your wonderful ‘’look’’ whilst you enjoy your vacation.

DO NOT ‘’GREEN” or “BRASS” your beautiful blonde locks!

Bleached and coloured hair that looks great is not cheap. Your monthly touch ups (if you are unhappy with darker roots) make it super-expensive.

PLEASE do not take your Javier Aranda Hair Colour Clinic looks into heavily chlorinated pools or onto the beach without thinking PROTECTION.

Your wonderful colour-work may become a mass of ‘’greenie highlights’’ (chlorine combined with oxidised metals) or a perfect ‘’brassy colour match’’ to your iced cold Fanta (sea and sun).

Just one point that may surprise you – chlorine makes the hair super porous and strips colour, but metal oxides (normally copper) sometimes fill the porous hair to bind with proteins in the hair shaft to create a ‘’greener sheen’’.

Every day, (please) before you go to the beach and every four to six hours thereafter, and after swimming in the sea or pool, please coat your hair with an anti-UV spray.

My favourite anti-UV sprays are Soleil de Kérastase and Solar Sublime de L’Oréal Professionnel.

Javier Aranda recommends Soleil de Kérastase

sOlar sublime recommended by Javier Aarnda

When by the pool, buy a good bottle of sun protecting hair conditioner. I like the Redkend UV Rescue and L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm. Dampen your hair with fresh water and condition your hair before you dive into the pool. When you get out the pool, wash your hair with lots of fresh cold water. Comb your hair through and then, once again, use your anti-UV spray.

Stop complaining! Being beautiful is a full time profession!!

If you succumb to marketing and buy that ‘’criminal blonde (ing) hair spray’’, you know the one that has a Pamela Anderson lookalike on the bottle and promises ‘’SUN-KISSED-LOOKS’’ that are actually ‘’SUN-CURSED ORANGE’’ you only have yourself to blame.

Please do not damage your hair with OTC bleaches that accelerate hair lightening in the sun. It will mean we can only colour-rinse your hair after your hols!

This is a chance to send a poignant reminder – I warn my husband:

‘’If you use “SUN-IN’’ out-of-date bottle circa 1998 that I know is still hidden in your bathroom cupboard behind a pipe and turn orange AGAIN by the time we reach Punta del Diablo, you will spend the rest of your vacation solo.’’

Even at home, I face this sacrilege!

Hair Extensions Insurance

My hair extensions are hand-made by me after selecting top-grade virgin hair that perfectly matches your natural hair. My hair extensions are NOT cheap, but they do come with my personal guarantee.

Here is the bad news – there is no insurance for your new long and glossy Javier Aranda Hair Extensions!

Here is the good news – you can protect them or if you know that your vacation will make you lazy and not inclined to care for your hair extensions as prescribed, we can remove them temporarily.

My clients that requested glued or polymer attachment methods need to be a little more careful; glues and polymers are less reliable than mechanical attachment methods like my own MICRO-LOOPS.

The pool, sea and sun will not detach glued and polymer-attachment hair extensions. However, it can happen if you combine pools, sand, sea and sun with a range of oily products and do not care appropriately for your hair extensions.

Even if hair extensions do not detach, without careful management you might create one hell of a tangled and matted mess.

Please make an appointment NOW for hair extensions regulation because I am already taking many bookings for party and wedding hair and makeup engagements in December.

Javier Aranda Hair Extensions with Micro-loop attachments will not be problematic during your vacation and do not detach or tangle when cared for in the manner demonstrate to my clients.

However, if your extensions are growing out or they are managed poorly it can be a recipe for disaster.

All extension attachment methods require the use of a wide-tooth-comb. Comb-out your hair extensions carefully even when not swimming. Comb your hair when you leave the water and during the day.


Slowly, gently, holding a small batch of hair, comb small sections from the bottom ends to the top without putting unnecessary strain on the attachments– you comb downwards but from the bottom to the top.

Only comb in small manageable sections holding the hair below the attachments to reduce strain on the extensions moving upwards until you reach your hair extensions attachments and then STOP.

Use the same process when washing, conditioning and drying your hair.

Keep an eye out for my next article on skin and makeup care…

The beach is a bitch on beauty…

Javier Aranda

Hair Art Director

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