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The problem with fantasy colours

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 “The problem with fantasy colours” 


Argentine hair is generally dark.  Lifting the darkest hair pigments to the lightest golden-yellow to pale-yellow with bleach will damage hair and make it more porous – fact!

When asking your colourist to remove dark pigments to add the lightest blonde colours or vivid fantasy colours expect some hair damage and the possibility of porosity.

To achieve the brightest fantasy colours it is necessary to take hair to blonde tones of eight to ten on the professional scale, which removes dark pigments to gold-yellow to pale yellow.  To get an icy white finish requires a slightly different process that many colourists fail to achieve.  When the hair reaches yellow to pale shades it does not require more bleach to achieve our much admired icy-white colour shades.


Icy white hair


The difference between a good colourist and bad colourist is experience. A good colourist knows when to stop a discolouration process and just how much pigment to lift without hair appearing damaged.  Our colourists achieve a form of training that adds a combined 30-years colour experience to their skills.

Javier Aranda Hair Art Director and leading colourist retrains all our hairdressers in our colour techniques.  Before they reach the floor, our colourists perfect a 10/10 quality score over three consecutive training sessions for each of our colour treatments.

When bleaching hair from brown to yellow tones for vibrant fantasy colours, expect to return for a touch-up treatment every fourteen days.  Although, we advise a colour range and colour patterns that still look good when washed out to pastel-blonde-shades.




GOOD NEWS – the first touch-up is on us! We built a free colour retouch service into our pricing.  We have offered a free colour touch-up service from the first day that we opened our doors to avoid complaints.

It is important to be 100% clear about dark thick hair…

If your natural hair appears black, thick and/or wiry, the lightest pale yellow tones are not suitable colour choices – be warned.  We only take the darkest hair to the lightest pale yellow tones using either Fibreplex or Olaplex that protects hair from bleach damage and preserve the quality look of hair.

In the capable hands of Sicodelica Hair Art colourists, the darkest hair taken to pale yellow tones will not look ‘burnt’, albeit, your hair will be chemically damaged and more porous.  Your first fantasy colour may wash out over a few washes to lose its vibrancy and will be pastel in colour after five or so washes.

One of the biggest problems we face is clients that come with bleached hair treated with dark colours. Just because bleached hair is repeatedly coloured dark over many months, it does not make it healthy.  We cannot prove that hair is not natural just by looking at it, but we will note, ‘hair has damage consistent with bleaching and may be prone to porosity’.

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