Warning: Do not dye your hair black unless….

Warning: Do not dye your hair black unless….  


There’s a phrase used in American film by African Americans.


It’s 100% true: ‘Once you go black you never go back!’ 


Black culture must have borrowed this phrase from hairdressing.


Don’t use permanent black hair colour unless you intend to live with black hair until it grows out.


Permanent black hair colour dyes are notoriously difficult to lift without a longer discolouration process that can seriously damage your hair.


If you are desperate to remove black colour, we can safely lift enough black (one to two shades) to achieve pleasing darker brown, purple or red colours.


Black hair dye often covers a multitude of sins.


If you or a professional colourist used permanent black hair colour as a correction please be candid.


If you have coloured the hair with a new colour over black hair – it is not obvious to all hairdressers.


It is always in your best interest to tell your hairdresser the truth!


The root cause of many complaints against hairdressers are due to inexperienced hairdresser not asking the right questions and/or client disinformation.  All clients attended at Sicodelica Hair Art complete and sign a fact-find.  We seek to protect both our clients and our hairdressers.


Black permanent hair colour generally stops discolouring at the Fanta-Orange stage.  To take hair lighter, will often cause hair damage.  At this point, our colour technicians will stop a discoloration process.  We will take a photo.


We’ll cover permanent black hair colour with darker browns, purples or reds.  Even if we attempt to take hair lighter, lighter shades of colour will never look how they should unless we bleach the hair until it’s chemically damaged. When clients demand discoloration to lighter shades we ask them to confirm it is at their own risk!

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