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When chasing away grey hair is wrong for mature women…

Grey hair works in some mature women's favour.

Why the decision to keep, enhance or colour your grey hair should be a discussion with your colour technician.

I read many hairstyling, make-up, and fashion articles to keep up with fashion culture.  I often feel that youth and youthful looks dominate too many column inches.  Modern culture fails to celebrate the natural beauty of mature women.

Argentina is a culture that celebrates women who do everything possible to preserve their youthful looks.  Sadly, many women feel under increasing pressure to stay young without having the money to buy treatments and surgical procedures much loved by our glitterati.

Clever advertising by laboratories and cosmetic companies selling treatments that prevent or reverse the signs of ageing, along with non-invasive and invasive cosmetic surgery are mass-brainwashing that make mature women think there is not anything worse than looking their age.

There are many ways that mature women can combat the signs of age that are cheaper than treatments and cosmetic procedures, not least, good hair and make-up are the mature woman’s greatest allies.

My next few articles will examine hairstyles, what I call ‘’dignified hairstyling and make-up for the mature women’’ that will immediately do more to soften, improve your look and chase away the years than most of the hyped-up-lotions-and-potions that promise to stop ‘’the appearance of age’’ in just weeks.

This article on mature hair deals with a subject that has many women horrified – Grey hair.

Hair colour and dealing with grey hair

If you are thinking of going to the hairdresser for a new hairstyle and you want some help to banish the signs of age I recommend a consultation at my new hair salon in upscale Recoleta – Sicodelica Hair Art.  If living outside Capital Federal, here are a few tips on anti-ageing hairstyling to discuss with your hairstylist.

I deal with questions about going grey and dealing with grey hair on a day-to-day basis.  One of the most asked questions is like asking, ‘’how long is a piece of string’’ or ‘’what came first, the chicken or the egg’’.  Should I go blonde or dark?  It is not a simple question to answer and is a complex as the colours and shades that make each of us unique.  It depends on you, your complexion and natural hair colour and my answer will probably be more about shades than the absolute.

Making the wrong decision about hair colour is probably the biggest mistake that mature women make to chase away the years.  The most common mistake is requesting hair colours that change colour or cover up grey hair with one monotone colour most similar to the darkest shade of their youth.

Over the years, your hair colour and complexion change.  Hair often loses both colour and shine giving the appearance of being darker and flatter before the first signs of grey appear.

Covering older or greying hair with one colour to match your youth or the majority darkest shades of greying hair is a big mistake.

Monotone hair colour has the effect of flattening the appearance of hair – monotone hair colours do not look natural and generally make mature women look older in my experience.

I advise greying women to avoid colouring their hair to the darkest possible shade of their natural colour and look for multiple colour tones that either cover or better still, complement their grey hair.

Young hair does not have one colour, look at untreated youthful hair and you will see a bounty of differing natural colour shades.

I like to go for modern translucent colours that blend with grey hair to avoid hair colour treatments flattening out the appearance of my clients’ hair.  Many times using colour shades that are lighter than my clients generally use.

Grey hair has no pigment (sucks up the colour but appears lighter) and so the right colour choices and blends will compliment grey hair to develop a natural highlighted look.

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