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Women keep their hairdressers longer than their husbands!

Peluqueria Recoleta Javier Aarnda

Peluqueria Recoleta Javier Aranda

A recent survey conducted by the online shopping website NetVoucherCode found that women retain the professional services of their hairdressers longer than they are married to their husbands!

The survey conducted in Great Britain where the average length of a marriage is 11 years, found that women stay associated with their favorite hairdressers for 12.4 years – that is fantastic news for hairdressers.

The same report stated that women rank their hairdressers in the top 10 important people in their life.

This will not be news to most hairdressers who specialize in women’s hair and makeup, I still have clients from my early days in hairdressing that followed me from one hair salon to another and now attend my own hair salon in upscale Recoleta.

If you are an expat or you are visiting Buenos Aires as a vacationer or business person I provide a full range of hairdressing and makeup design services.

I speak fluent English and my  hair salon is located just five blocks from the Pueyrredon Subte station in Recoleta.

I only see clients by appointment – contact me:

Javier Aranda

Hair Art Director

011 4824-5570




Arenales 2066 between Junín and Ayacucho, Recoleta.

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