Hair Salon Buenos Aires – English Speaking Estilista

English Speaking Hairdresser Buenos Aires

Hair Salon Buenos Aires – English Speaking Hairdresser

Choosing a hair salon in Buenos Aires can be tricky, finding English-speaking hairdresser is even more difficult.

Javier Aranda is Hair Art Director at Sicodelica Hair Art, an exclusive salon in upscale Recoleta.
Javier speaks fluent English and works by appointment only, so there’s no waiting around. His clients include models, celebrities and many satisfied clients in the Buenos Aires expatriate community. In fact, just have a look around and you will find he´s one of Buenos Aires most recommended hairdressers.
See what Javier Hair and Makeup Design clients’ say about his hairdressing and make-up artistry.


Javier is a fully trained Estilista


What’s an estilista? An estilista is an expert hair and make-up professional (time-served 4-year apprenticeship), however, not all estilista’s are created equal, and it depends where they trained.


Javier trained at Sizo Gerard, one of Argentina’s leading hair salons.


At Javier’s hair salon Buenos Aires, he provides a full range of women’s hairdressing service including hair cutting, hair coloring, hair straightening and hair extensions.
Javier Aranda hair cuttingshort hair and long hair skills – from the classic to vogue, have transformed women’s hair design into an uplifting and inspirational experience for his many clients.
Javier combines true artistry, styling, colour, and technical expertise with an exceptional gift that captures your very essence and accentuates beauty.
A detailed Javier Aranda consultation in the privacy of your home or at our private hair salon Buenos Aires ensures hair and make-up design perfection for those ‘special every-days.’
A Javier Aranda Hair consultation is about bonding with his clients to transform their feelings into the look they always wanted.
From the latest catwalk designs to mature and dignified styling, Javier specialises in bringing Paris, New York and London’s modern cutting, styling and colour techniques, with advanced product lines that care for your hair and beauty.


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Javier Aranda Make Artistry

Events, Weddings, Birthdays, Film & Fashion


English Speaking Hairdresser

Hair Salon Buenos Aires – English Speaking Hairdresser

Hair Salon Buenos Aires – Upscale Recoleta

Javier Aranda

Hair Art Director

011 4824-5570




Arenales 2066 entre Junín y Ayacucho, Recoleta.

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  1. Vivian Bossard
    Jul 12, 2012 - 02:20 AM

    I am a black american and I presently have a weave-on.
    I’d like to know if you do black hair and if you work with weave-on.
    I would like to remove my weave and have another one done. I have the weave and also the hair perm.
    I would like to do my hair as soon as possible.
    Kindly reply as soon as possible.

    • admin
      Jul 15, 2012 - 04:05 PM

      Hey Vivian

      You called my mobile when I was with a client and promised to email me. I did not receive your mail. I am happy to look at your hair on Monday.

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